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"I believe it will be an excellent investment for us as a team to help us achieve the goals for Centurion, which was also presented last week."


"When the kids came home on Sunday, I sat our entire family down and told them about the positive self-talk in the mornings and have implemented it into our daily life styles."


"Due to the success of this three-day intensive, I recommended continuing with monthly 1.5-hour virtual sessions for the original 16 team members."

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Through our unique hands-on role-play methodology, we provide an experiential learning environment. This approach empowers your team to exercise their newly acquired skills, translating theoretical knowledge into real-world results. At GWA, our focus is on imparting knowledge and creating a lasting impact through practical application.

Business Development
Business Development


22 Hours

Unlock the potential of Business Development with our comprehensive course, "Strategic Business Development Mastery." Explore the fundamental principles of Business Development as a reliable process for cultivating new opportunities. This course is designed for everyone invested in business growth, emphasizing that Business Development is a collective effort, and all employees interacting with customers play a pivotal role. Gain the Tools for Success by learning the proven approaches employed by the top 5% of business development professionals. Through targeted modules, discover strategies to elevate your business development skills and propel your sales team to new heights. Join us on this transformative journey to master the art and science of strategic Business Development.
Leadership & Coaching
Leadership & Coaching


14 - 22 Hour

Embark on a transformative leadership journey with our program, "Leadership and Coaching Excellence." Discover the essence of Effective Leadership, where leaders create environments conducive to unleashing the full potential and capabilities of their teams. Unleash your leadership prowess as you Inspire Teams. Gain essential tools and strategies to inspire, motivate, and lead effectively. From creating accountability and building a common vision to inspiring action and cultivating high-performing teams, this program equips you with the skills to elevate your leadership impact. Dive into the art of "Working On The Business" rather than immersing yourself in it. Learn strategic approaches to navigate business dynamics, ensuring you lead with foresight and contribute to the overarching success of your team and organization. Join us in this program to elevate your leadership and coaching skills, fostering a culture of excellence and achievement within your teams.
Negotiating For Business Results
Negotiating For Business Results


14 Hour

Embark on a transformative journey with our program that focuses on the Fundamentals of Negotiating for Business Results. Uncover negotiation strategies that transcend traditional approaches, making Business Development a reliable process for developing new opportunities. This course is tailored for individuals at every level, as Business Development is everyone's business. Whether you interact with customers directly or contribute to organizational success, you'll play a pivotal role in Business Development. Acquire the Tools for Success and learn the proven approaches employed by the top 5% of business development professionals. Elevate your negotiation skills and set the stage for achieving outstanding business results. Enroll in "Negotiating for Business Results" and gain the skills and insights needed to drive successful negotiations and foster continuous business development.


At GWA, we take immense pride in ensuring quality and success. Our commitment goes beyond the initial stages; we diligently follow up on all our customized programs to guarantee that your team not only acquires knowledge and skills but effectively utilizes them.


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*For eligible Alberta employees, two-thirds of training costs may be covered by the Canada-Alberta Job Grant for curriculums with a minimum of 21 hours of instruction.

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Programs start as little as $656.25CAD + GST per person* for a group of up to 16 participants.

Canadian Daily Price:


Programs start as little as $625.00 USD per person for a group of up to 16 participants.

US Daily Price:


Online training is $160.00 CAD +GST per person per hour based on a group of up to 10 participants.

Online Training 


All pricing is a general price per person for each course. These prices are subject to change on a case-by-case basis. 

*For eligible Alberta employees, two-thirds of training costs may be covered by the Canada-Alberta Job Grant for curriculums with a minimum of 21 hours of instruction.